CONVERSATIONS WITH TIME — a land art installation


Conversations with Time started in September 2006 as a somewhat whimsical celebration of individual dead pinyon trees, and overlapped with the first sculpture in our garden – Book Pile 3, by S.C. Thayer. As we watched Book Pile 3 change through the first winter, I was drawn into watching the dynamics of change in the surrounding woodland in a more intimate way.  The conversations with “our” trees became a land art installation in summer 2007 as I began to bring my own thoughts and discards from a life of work and play and put them up next to twigs, trunks, branches and roots of dead pinyons – celebrating all the tree parts that continue to have a “life” of contribution to the cycle of nutrients and minerals of the overall ecosystem. At this time (the end of 2008), there are over 15 pieces constructed from the dead pinyons, branches, stones, twigs, and fibers, on about 2 acres just off Highway 285 near Eldorado.  They range from flat ground patterns to altered-tree sculptures over 20 feet tall, and include abstract, interactive, and whimsical pieces.  The sculptures have certainly changed over the past winter and some of the more fragile pieces have been broken in storms and winds. New sculptures will be installed in 2009.  Email me to arrange a time to visit (only a few people at a time can visit, see contact information on THE ARTIST page) and I will  send you directions.  I look forward to seeing you!


In the meantime, the progress of  the installation and the ongoing conversations with our trees and our land can be followed on this blog.


Fairley Barnes



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